Enable company growth with Sage X3

Enable company growth with Sage X3

Ensure your company is equipped with the right tools to grow

Through hard work and enterprise your business is booming in the UK. You’ve gained a loyal following of customers and have reported steady growth over the last few years. You begin to ask yourself, what’s next? You don’t want to limit your business growth but your company isn’t necessarily equipped for further expansion. This is where Sage X3 and our expertise at Mysoft come in.

A system that grows with you

Your ERP system needs to be capable of growing with you, not restricting you. It needs to be able to respond to new opportunities and handle the complexities that global expansion brings. Sage X3 allows you to add an unlimited number of users and locations as and when they are needed. X3 responds easily to increased transactional volume so information and procedures can be adapted quickly and without additional development costs. You improve your responses to market fluctuations and seize new opportunities as they arise. Click on image to zoom in:

A global view

Through Sage X3 you can manage all operations from any country. Information and data is available from any location and you can even access this remotely through your portable device, allowing you to make more informed and constructive decisions. All locations are connected seamlessly with no additional costs enabling you to view a complete, global picture of your company’s finances, sales and purchasing. X3 is configured for the country you are operating in, applying the relevant currency, regulations and taxes. A customer can purchase something from France with French language and receive a receipt in euros. When you come to process the payment it will appear in your chart of accounts in sterling with all the information in English.

Mysoft’s unique expertise

Mysoft is Sage’s most experience partner in Sage X3. Our consultants can advise you on how your business processes should respond to growth, ensuring you are getting the most out of your ERP system. Mysoft deliver a solution tailored specifically for your business needs, one that can take you all over the world.

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"Could your business management system be limiting your company's growth?"

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