Unlock hidden cash flow with Sage X3

Unlock hidden cash flow with Sage X3

Make savings to grow your business

In order for a company to expand it helps to have the investment to do so. This is easier said than done. However, the funding you need could be right under your nose. By making your company more efficient and streamlining your business processes you could make some considerable savings. These savings could help to fund your company’s growth. Sage X3 is the key to unlocking this potential.

Accurately calculate profits

How much detail can you drill into with your current system? Can you see exactly how much it costs you to manufacture your product? With Sage X3 you can factor in costs down to minute details. Even things like the cost of the electricity for running a machine can be included. This kind of accuracy allows you to see areas that might be losing you money which previously went unnoticed. The savings you could make on eliminating these inefficient areas will directly improve your profit margins. Click on the image to zoom in:

Strike the optimum balance

The best way to improve your profit margins is to have the ideal balance between the minimum stock needed to meet the maximum possible orders. This can only be achieved through accurate forecasting and inventory management software. Your stock is always in tune with your demand, you save money as you are only storing the optimum amount of stock necessary and gain new customers through your efficiency to always satisfy high demand.

Attract new digital customers

The advantages of online retailing have now become a ‘must do’ for all companies. But organising the logistics of online selling and factoring these figures into your global company’s performance can be a nightmare. With Sage X3 this is all integrated. Your website links straight to your inventory ensuring the smooth flow of products through the supply chain. You attract a whole new group of digital customers and ensure repeat business by processing orders efficiently and reliably.

Sage X3

Through these tools Sage X3 unlocks a hidden source of funding within your own company. The savings you make improve your profit margins and by serving your customers better you gain more and more repeat business.

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"The savings you make with Sage X3 can be put straight back into growing your business "

Chris Schafer, Director, Mysoft