Is wearable technology the next big thing?

Is wearable technology the next big thing?

From laptops to smart phones to phablets there is always something new going on in the tech world. Companies are vying to grab our imagination with the latest app, gadget or accessory. Wearable technology appears to be the latest ‘cool kid’ on the block but does it have the legs to be the next big thing? Or will it remain in the tech and gadget lover’s side lines?

There is certainly a lot of noise around wearable technology. Google glasses, fitness bands and smart watches are among the most recognisable. But it seems that even google aren’t investing in their wearable tech anymore, with google glasses consumer release being put on the back burner. Though insistent that this isn’t the end of google glasses, it doesn’t inspire great confidence in the wearable technology market.

The Fitness Craze

The fitness world seems to be the most enthusiastic to adopt the wearable trend. With January in full swing and with the best intentions, we all hit the pavements, gyms or pools with an enthusiasm ignited by Christmas excesses. GPS running watches that track your route are very popular in the running world, providing useful and actionable data on your performance. Fitness bands that track your exercise and can accurately calculate how many calories you have burned are also becoming popular. Though impressive with the level of detail and range of activities they can track (some even including sleep patterns) it still seems that very few have adopted wearing these religiously, twenty-four seven. 

The best example of an elegant fitness tracker has to be the Misfit Shine. A tracker that synchs with your smart phone, it looks like a simple piece of jewellery and works with IOS and android.

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It’s very small, easy to take with you and, its greatest plus, doesn’t look like a tracker at all. It could easily be worn as a necklace or clipped onto trainers without being an eye sore or interfering with your work out.

Will it last?

Fitness monitoring is great whilst we are all on the New Year health kick, but a tracker, just like a gym membership, may soon lose its appeal. After all does anyone really want to know how few steps they’ve managed to walk after a manically busy day stuck at the office? Tech companies are all looking for the next big thing and hoping to be the first to hit the mainstream. But it seems, at the moment, that wearable technology may remain a gadget lover’s fad. But will it be a different story in five years’ time? We’ll have to wait and see. 

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"Do I want an Apple watch? Of course! But I'm not sure why I want one other than it being a beautifully designed piece of shiny tech"

Martin Arnold, Product Development Manager, Mysoft Ltd