Food and Beverage Industry

Food and Beverage Industry

Gain complete traceability and visibility of stock at all times.

Sage X3 is an ERP solution that can be tailored to any industry but there are some unique advantages it offers to food and beverage businesses. Through our work with East End Foods and Burns Pet Nutrition we found some key data management, quality control and traceability benefits that can be applied to any food manufacturing business, from premium dog food to fresh Indian spices!


Sage X3 puts all data into one integrated system that is accurate, reliable and available in real time. This allows companies to respond to shifts in demand more easily and efficiently. You have an accurate view of your stock and, through factoring in sales forecasts, your resources are always in tune with market fluctuations. The food market is a complex industry with multi-buy offers, seasonal trends and even the weather all affecting stock levels. Sage X3 can keep track of all the variations in prices, stock levels of multiple manufacturing sites and movements between warehouse and production. 

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The accuracy of this data allows full traceability of products and ingredients. With Sage X3 you can see where promotions have influenced profits and how one specific ingredient change, even within a recipe, affects the financial outlook as a whole. This allows companies to make strategic pricing and product-mix decisions, clearly identifying which products and customers are the most profitable. The accurate stock data allows full traceability of a product from manufacture through to point of sale. This enables a significant cost saving as locations and pallets can be scanned rather than the manual input by item.


Anyone working in the food industry will understand the increased pressure to be compliant to various regulatory bodies and practises. Sage X3 simplifies this process by ensuring the detailed audit trail of each lot number. The software can hold raw materials in a quality-hold queue and only release a particular lot of material once it has been tested. Both the raw ingredients and finished products can be tracked through their life cycles and a detailed audit trail of transactions automatically maintained by the software.


All these benefits don’t function in isolation but as an essential part of the ERP system as a whole. Data management enables complete traceability and complete traceability ensures compliance to quality control bodies, whose certifications are based on the quality of the data they are given. This is when ERP systems are working at their best, when they are able to integrate all areas of your business to streamline processes and highlight cost saving opportunities, enabling the growth of your company.

If your company is out growing its current software or needs a solution that can handle the complexities of the food and beverage industry then find out more about Sage X3 today

"By covering manufacturing through to end sale, we have complete visibility and traceability of our products."

Sunita Ruprai, Project Manager, East End Foods