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Sage X3 ERP For Distribution

Comprehensive ERP solution for the distribution industry

Sage X3 ERP For Distribution Module Overview

In the Wholesale and Distribution Industry fast customer responses and reliable supply chain management are key to success. The right distribution software will help your business manage these challenges more efficiently.

With a Sage X3 system tailored to the Wholesale and Distribution Industry, you will gain complete control over your whole, global, operations as well as a flexible system that can respond to the growth and change of your business.

Sage X3 Distribution, is one of the three main platforms of Sage X3, alongside Sage X3 Manufacturing and Sage X3 Finance.

By managing your operation through Sage X3 you set to gain:

  • Total control of inventory throughout the whole supply chain.
  • Access the whole system remotely via any mobile device through any web browser.
  • Report on companywide performance as all data and information is stored in the same system.
  • Provide excellent levels of customer service through Sage X3 customer support and CRM transactions.
  • Gain the flexibility to deal with complex pricing structures, multiple sites, outsourcing, subcontracts and ever-evolving business processes.
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Benefits of Sage X3

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Benefits of Sage x3 ERP for Distribution

Multi-Company, Multi-Site

Multiple sites running on different systems cause data errors and order confusion and make reporting on business performance difficult.

Sage X3 can help by providing:

  • A common frame of reference and management rules
  • Flexible reporting, cross-functional views, scalable operations
  • Monitor performance with role-based KPIs and dashboards
Complete Inventory Control

Stock and inventory quality control processes being time-consuming and difficult to trust.

Sage X3 Can help by providing:

  • Extensive warehouse management capabilities.
  • Supports directed put-away, pick-planning and scheduling.
  • Searchable stock balances by site with further zooms to location and lot levels
  • Real-time traceability.
  • QC activity available for inquiries, audits and report generation.
  • Cost control with the integration of additional purchasing costs.
  • Anticipate shortages with the integration of the sales forecasts.
  • Multi-warehouse management.
  • Multiple replenishment engines.


Sales Management

Sage X3 comprehensive sales management capabilities allow users to:

  • Quickly access real-time information.
  • Flexible pricing system, able to create prices for various events as well as enact mass price changes and entry of future prices.
  • Issue customer quotations, book and transmit orders, manage contracts, display and allocate goods from stock, and manage the dispatch and loan of goods before invoicing.
  • Remote access via any mobile device.

Mobility and real time access, provide a better customer experience by providing accurate information on the spot. Reduce time to place orders. Reduce calls to accounting and warehouse by providing real-time data to sales teams in the field.

Purchasing and Procurement

Sage X3’s purchasing and procurement features offer a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing procurement processes. With quick access to vital information such as products, price lists, discounts, and carriers, users can make informed decisions swiftly. The platform’s versatile accessibility allows inventory counts and details to be viewed from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, ensuring that essential data is always at hand. Sage X3 also streamlines the creation and management of purchase requests, orders, and contracts, while its budget monitoring and multi-stage signature control features enhance oversight and approval processes. Additionally, the system supports outsourcing, making it a robust tool for optimizing procurement activities and maintaining control over expenditures.

Financial Management

Sage X3’s financial management features provide a powerful and efficient framework for handling various accounting needs. The platform supports a general ledger and multi-ledger structure, facilitating comprehensive financial tracking and reporting. It also manages accounts receivable, creditor accounting, and account payment transactions, ensuring smooth financial operations. Cost accounting and budget control are seamlessly integrated, enhancing financial oversight and resource allocation. Sage X3 ensures the reliability of financial information with accurate data, making audits more straightforward. Additionally, the efficiency of financial processes is significantly improved through integrated and automated systems, streamlining operations and reducing manual workload.

Personal Dashboards
Sage X3’s personal dashboards give users a real-time, company-wide view of operations, enabling informed decision-making. With role-based KPIs and customizable dashboards, users can monitor performance metrics tailored to their specific needs. The platform allows for the inclusion of pertinent information on individual dashboards, providing a personalized user experience. Furthermore, users can swiftly identify anomalies and access detailed information with a single click, ensuring quick and efficient issue resolution.
Automated Workflows and Alerts
Sage X3’s automated workflow and notification management allows businesses to respond confidently and rapidly to changing conditions. These workflows are pre-configured based on best practices, ensuring efficient operations from the start. Additionally, they offer flexible rules that can be customized for specific processes or tailored by user, role, or group, providing a personalized and adaptable solution for managing business activities.
Event-Based Triggers

Sage X3’s event-based triggers offer versatile functionality, allowing actions to be initiated based on various conditions such as data changes, data entry, processes, system events (like data export, print, or email), or user actions. This flexibility ensures that the system can respond dynamically to a wide range of scenarios, enhancing operational efficiency and responsiveness.

Electronic Document Management
Electronic Document Management (EDM) provides more control over document flow, increases archiving efficiencies, and streamlines document distribution. It eliminates the need for filing, photocopying, printing, and envelope stuffing, immediately providing all documents throughout the company. By adhering to all regulations with secure archiving practices, EDM ensures compliance without the hassle of paperwork, making document management more efficient and effective.

The Forrester Report on The Impact of Sage X3 For Distribution Organisations

Distribution organisations gain rapid ROI from Sage X3

Forrester are an independent research consulting body who were commissioned by Sage to analyse the total economic impact of Sage X3 and objectively examine the ROI companies have achieved. This report focuses on the distribution industry.

Overall, the research conducted found a 237% ROI for Sage X3 Distribution with a payback period of only 4 months.

Key findings:

  • Inventory levels were reduced by $348,159

  • In sales management, companies achieved discount savings of $492,397

  • Companies achieved supply chain and financial management productivity savings of $119,369
  • Companies experienced a productivity increase in their customer service of $125,870

Why you should choose Mysoft For your ERP jounrey

Unmatched Sage X3 Expertise

As the first Sage X3 UK partner, with a team of over 50 Sage X3 dedicated professionals who have over 400 years of collective experience we have positioned ourselves as one of the most knowledgeable (if not the most)product & subject matter experts for X3 in the manufacturing industry.

Best in Class Sage X3 Support

At Mysoft we focus on helping your company achieve the highest efficiency and agility possible. Our extensive and diverse experience in understanding ERP allows your business to unlock its full potential using Sage X3. Our expert team combines advanced Sage X3 knowledge with a wealth of real-world business, financial and IT experience.

Our Support team can provide meaningful assistance around the world on all aspects of Sage X3.  For more information, visit our support page.


For Mysoft, our satisfied customers are our best advocates. We recognise that every business is unique and distinct, and we tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of each site. Our focus is operational excellence, from initial scoping and implementation to ongoing development and support. Mysoft’s track record of successful implementations and positive client feedback demonstrates our commitment to providing great outcomes. We hope that our team serves as a trustworthy companion on your ERP journey, ensuring a safe and reliable experience.

Implementation Methodology & Approach

Having been established 20 years ago, and as the first Sage X3 partner in the UK, Mysoft recognises that implementing an ERP system is never the same twice, every business is different and needs an approach that respects that and works with the business – not against it.

Mysoft adopts an customer-centric approach to project delivery. This means that we deploy expert resources in every aspect of your ERP implementation, from project management, support, consultancy, and R&D teams.

Development Capabilities & Suite of Plug-Ins & Solutions

Over the two decades of operation, Mysoft has grown and honed our internal development capabilities.

Our team have developed over 10 ‘ready-to-use’ Plug-Ins, and brought the X3CloudDocs automation solution to market.  X3CloudDocs is the top listed solution on the Sage X3 marketplace.  We regularly carry out bespoke development work for clients, using our structured approach to deliver effectively to a very high standard.

A recurring theme in testimonials we receive relates to the development capabilities and timeframes that Mysoft has been able to provide customers. When choosing Mysoft, you are truly choosing a development powerhouse and can be assured that you are getting the best in the industry.

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Frequently Asked questions

What are the costs associated with implementing Sage X3 for a wholesales or distribution business??

Answering this question is not as simple as it seems. The implementation cost of Sage X3 is similar to asking how much buying a house costs, it depends on many factors. Sage X3 license often forms a part of the overall cost of your ERP implementation journey.

The cost of implementation varies greatly from company to company depending on their requirement and situation. The cost is based on:

  1. Sage X3 modules you are looking to implement
  2. Added features and automation you are looking to add to core Sage X3
  3. Integrations you require with other systems
  4. Number of legislations that your business needs to implement.
  5. Deployment option your business requires and/or desires

and much more.

We have integrated two calculators on our website based on our implementation methodology to give you an estimate of cost. View our calculators to understand a rough idea of how much Sage X3 implementation can cost your company.

How does Sage X3 handle inventory management and tracking?

Sage X3 offers robust inventory management and tracking capabilities designed to streamline and optimise your distribution processes. It provides real-time visibility into inventory levels across multiple locations, ensuring accurate stock information at all times. With Sage X3, you can efficiently manage stock movements, track inventory by various attributes (such as serial numbers, lots, and expiration dates), and set up automated replenishment processes to prevent stockouts and overstocking.

The system supports advanced features like multi-bin and multi-location management, allowing you to track inventory across different warehouses and storage areas. Sage X3 also integrates with mobile devices, enabling warehouse staff to perform tasks like inventory counts, receiving, and picking using handheld devices. Additionally, the software’s powerful analytics and reporting tools help you monitor inventory performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your supply chain operations. Overall, Sage X3’s comprehensive inventory management and tracking capabilities ensure that you have the right products in the right place at the right time, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How secure is Sage X3 for storing sensitive data?

As a wholesaler or distributor, your business can be exposed to confidential information and/or trade secrets. Sage X3 offers robust security features to ensure the safe storage of sensitive data.

Role-Based Security: Sage X3 employs role-based access control, allowing administrators to define roles and permissions for each user. This ensures that only authorised personnel can access sensitive data.

  1. Data Encryption: All data stored in Sage X3 can be encrypted, protecting it from unauthorised access even if someone gains access to the underlying database.

  2. Audit Trails: Sage X3 maintains detailed audit trails, recording all user actions within the system. This provides visibility into who accessed what data and when, helping to detect and prevent unauthorised activities.

  3. User Authentication: The system supports strong user authentication methods, including password policies, multi-factor authentication, and integration with LDAP or Active Directory for centralised user management.

  4. Data Masking: Sage X3 can mask sensitive data fields to prevent unauthorised users from viewing or accessing certain information, especially in non-production environments.

  5. Secure Data Transmission: When data is transmitted between Sage X3 and external systems, it is encrypted using industry-standard protocols like SSL/TLS, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

  6. Compliance: Sage X3 is designed to help businesses comply with various data protection regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX. The system provides features to assist with data privacy and compliance reporting.

  7. Regular Security Updates: Sage regularly releases security updates and patches to address any vulnerabilities and enhance the overall security of the system. It’s essential to keep the system up-to-date to mitigate security risks.

  8. Data Backups and Disaster Recovery: Sage X3 supports regular backups of data, which can be stored securely off-site. Additionally, the system can be configured for disaster recovery to ensure data availability in case of system failures or disasters.

  9. Security Audits and Assessments: Sage X3 undergoes regular security audits and assessments to identify and address potential security weaknesses. This ensures that the system meets industry best practices for security.

By implementing these security measures, Sage X3 provides a robust framework for safeguarding sensitive manufacturing data against unauthorised access, breaches, and other security threats.

Can Sage X3 integrate with other software or systems used in my business, in particular the warehouse management system (WMS)?

Yes, Sage X3 can and will integrate with other software or systems used by wholesalers and distributors in particular warehouse management systems (WMS). What sets Sage X3 and Mysoft apart from the rest is the fact that we don’t use middleware integrating between Sage X3 and other software and integrate directly. This ensures the integrity of the data, improves uptime and offers real-time and accurate data, which can hugely benefit distributors who want to send personalised feeds to their clients.

Sage X3 is a highly fluid, flexible and adaptable solution. This means that we can integrate with other systems and software as required.

Mysoft has been working with Sage X3 for over 20 years and is the first Sage X3 partner, during this time we have worked with many manufacturers with their Sage X3 implementation. This gives us an edge over other Sage X3 partners when it comes to integrating with third-party solutions, as we have already likely integrated with similar software – from MES to SCADA, PLM to CAD, WHM to SFDC, we’ve done it.

Can Sage X3 integrate with ecommerce systems?

Yes. Sage 

How customisable is Sage X3 for specific wholesale and distribution industry needs?

Sage X3 is a highly customisable ERP solution. From an implementation side, Mysoft can customise Sage X3 to your requirements to enable you to benefit from this highly regarded ERP system.

But the customiseability of Sage X3 doesn’t stop there. Sage X3 is also highly customisable on the user end.

  1. User-Defined Fields and Screens: Sage X3 enables users to create custom fields and screens to capture additional information relevant to their manufacturing processes. These fields can be added to various modules such as sales orders, purchase orders, inventory items, and production orders.

  2. Workflow Customisation: The system allows businesses to define custom workflows to automate and streamline manufacturing processes. This includes defining approval workflows for purchase requisitions, sales orders, production orders, and quality control processes.

  3. Custom Reports and Dashboards: Sage X3 provides tools for creating custom reports and dashboards tailored to specific manufacturing metrics and KPIs. Users can design reports using built-in report designers or integrate with third-party reporting tools for advanced analytics.

  4. Customisation of Business Rules: Sage X3 allows businesses to define custom business rules and validation checks to enforce specific requirements in manufacturing processes. This includes rules for pricing, discounts, lead times, and product configurations.

  5. Product Configurator: Sage X3 includes a product configurator module that enables businesses to define complex product configurations and bill of materials (BOM) structures based on customer requirements. This allows for the creation of custom products with unique features and options. Although this feature is a manufacturing feature, wholesale and distributors have been able to utilise this feature to offer post-manufacturing customisation. 

  6. Integration with Third-Party Solutions: Sage X3 can be integrated with third-party software and systems to extend its functionality.

  7. Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support: Sage X3 supports multiple languages and currencies, allowing businesses to customise the system for their global operations. This ensures consistency in data entry and reporting across different regions.

  8. Role-Based Security: Sage X3 offers role-based access control, allowing businesses to define granular permissions for different user roles. This ensures that users only have access to the functionalities and data relevant to their roles, enhancing security and data integrity.

  9. Custom Workflows and Alerts: Sage X3 enables businesses to create custom workflows and alerts based on specific events or conditions in manufacturing processes. This helps in automating notifications, escalations, and task assignments to improve efficiency and responsiveness.

  10. Customisable Workbenches: Sage X3 provides customisable workbenches that allow users to configure personalised views of data and tasks based on their roles and preferences. This enhances user productivity by providing easy access to relevant information.

Is Sage X3 cloud-based or on-premise?

Sage X3 offers both cloud-based and on-premise deployment options.

With cloud-based deployments, users can choose to host it in a private cloud environment or a private area in a public cloud environment.


Mysoft have the expertise and capability to guide you through the selection process to deploy X3 in the way that is right for your business.   We also work with a number of hosting providers to ensure our customers have options to support domestic and global operations. 

Is Sage X3 mobile-friendly?

Yes, Sage X3 offers a user-friendly interface which is mobile-friendly, allowing your personnel to work across a number of devices and access up-to-date information as long as they are connected to the internet.

Hear From Our Customers

Customer success is at the heart of Mysoft’s mission and we take pride in every project we deliver.

Left Right

Mysoft were transparent, supportive, and helpful. The project was straightforward and smooth.

Nottingham Venues – Financial Controller
Left Right

Mysoft has been instrumental in the success of this project. Sage X3 has enabled us to automate and implement new business processes and we now have greater visibility of data than ever before.

Madison – IT Director
Left Right

We’ve received excellent support from Mysoft for our Sage X3 system.  They are quick to respond and resolve issues; and draw-in resources from their wider business to assist where necessary.

TIMCo – IT Director
Left Right

The Mysoft team have always been really friendly and clearly hard-working, seen through all the days they were willing to come all the way to Wales to see us! It was due to the people at Mysoft that we committed to the contract with them.

Burns Pet Food – Project Manager
Left Right

As our business has grown so have the expectations of our customers and suppliers. Sage X3 has allowed us to meet the demands of our trading partners by providing us with a powerful, yet easy to use set of tools.

RH Amar – IT Director

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