Chris takes overall responsibility for all Sales and Marketing activity within Mysoft, driving both new business sales and the on-going development of Mysoft’s constantly expanding customer base.

He brings over twenty five years of experience in the IT sector selling ERP solutions which led to four years as the Sales Director of a public IT services business, before deciding to set up his own company in 2005 with Brendan Kirby.

Chris comments on growing the business, “our biggest challenge has been scaling the company whilst maintaining the standards, and approach we adopted on day one. As a business grows it can be difficult to do this but I think that Mysoft still holds very much the same company values as the day we started. That, for me, is a great achievement and something I am very proud of.

Businesses success is predicated on market opportunity, it maybe that the market itself does not even realise that it exists, but it does. Very clever entrepreneurs see this and create Uber or Airbnb, most of us simply take an established idea and do it better than everyone else. In order to do that you need a clearly defined ethos which supports your vision of what you want your company to be. Ours was simple, deliver happy referenceable customers and look after your staff. I truly believe we still do this and it’s that which gives us our competitive edge.”

Something you may not know about Chris… Is that he started his career in sales selling Christmas wrapping paper to the public on the streets of Perth, Australia. This was during his time spent travelling and was all to fund the local hospital’s dialysis machine. Since learning his trade from this humble start Chris moved into the world of software sales to eventually become the owner of an ERP solutions business, who would’ve thought it all began with Christmas wrapping paper?!