Natalie is responsible for the overall delivery of all Projects at Mysoft.

Having joined Mysoft in 2006, she now manages a team of three in the projects team and has put in place many of the systems and processes for project delivery at the company. Natalie comes from a customer background, having managed an ERP system for a major manufacturer and distributor before moving over to the software vendor side. Natalie and her whole team have project certifications and have successfully delivered over 40 projects at Mysoft.

Having been at Mysoft for over a decade Natalie has contributed greatly to the businesses growth over the years. Natalie comments on her time at Mysoft, “I’ve been with Mysoft since the start and to be able to be a part of the change that has occurred over the years and continuing to be a part of it means a lot to me. We are a family and we deeply care about our customers, the service that we deliver and each other.”

Something you may not know about Natalie… handmade is Natalie’s middle name and although she may not quite be able to challenge Kirsty Allsop for her Queen of the Crafters Title just yet, she is certainly Queen of the Crafters at Mysoft! When not buried in a project plan, you’ll either find her working on her allotment or out for an open water swim.