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Apprenticeships: Mysoft and Pareto Law

Pareto Law is a UK-based sales recruitment and training company focused on matching aspiring talent to positions that allow them to excel.


They have played a fundamental role in building the team here at Mysoft, with some of our most senior members of the team joining us from recruitment with Pareto Law.

Chris Schafer, our Managing Director, has had a dialogue with Pareto Law for the past five years. We spoke with him about his decision to use an agency like Pareto Law and why it’s important to Mysoft to recruit apprentices and graduates.


How did you first hear about Pareto Law?

Two of our previous recruits had been through the Pareto process (Jamie, our Sales and Marketing Director, and Emma, one of our Account Managers) at the inception of their careers. The quality of these recruits encouraged me to explore Pareto in more detail.


Why did Mysoft choose to work with Pareto Law?

Pareto have a very professional approach. Their model is tried and tested and if you, as the client, have the right infrastructure to support the candidates it makes a lot of sense. One of the major challenges when scaling your business is recruitment, not just finding individuals but having a strategic people plan. You cannot simply employ more and more expensive, seasoned professionals. You have to also have a nursery system to feed junior staff at the beginning of their career journey. This is essentially what Pareto offer.


Can you explain the process of recruiting with Pareto Law?

We had a series of initial discussions with consultants at Pareto about the various options they provide. The apprentice option was explained well by Preto and fitted our requirements for bright, young human beings who are hungry for a challenge.


How did you find the process of recruiting with Pareto Law?

It was efficient, they responded quickly and found a small number of good candidates. The real benefit for the client is pre-screening, which takes much of the hard work out of the recruitment process.


Why is it that Mysoft are choosing to work with graduates/apprentices?

Nurturing young talent is very important to Mysoft, bringing on graduates/apprentices gives us the opportunity to take just the raw ingredients and then provide the training and framework for individuals to flourish and grow. Every business needs young, fresh talent – it forms a critical part of the workforce. Also, the government currently provide some excellent financial incentives to businesses like Mysoft take on apprentices. The candidates also get the benefit of the apprenticeship training.


Check out the Government Apprenticeship website for more information.

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