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Cindercone: Streamline Your Business Operations with Magma

Developed by Cindercone, the Magma Integration Toolkit connects multiple technologies across your business and facilitates quick data exchange to automate workflow and streamline your operations.


As an central integration toolkit, Magma enables your business to manage a diverse range of line-of-business integrations including EDI, 3PL, WMS, Ecommerce, from a single toolset.. Using the same core system, Magma can handle the many messages required between X3 and these other business systems, providing consistency and confidence in the automation of data interchange.

The Magma platform has been providing business benefits to Sage customers since 2002. Based on the challenges of a single customer using Sage Line 500, the brains behind Magma used their experience of EDI and XML technologies to produce a solution that met the needs of that customer. This has since grown and evolved over time to incorporate a wider ecosystem of solutions and integration types, and the product has developed in line with technological advancements across the market.

While the technology behind Magma has evolved – as have many of the apps and processes used to drive our customers forward – the principle is the same today as it was in the beginning: to improve efficiency and increase productivity across the business space through systems integration. No matter what systems they use, no matter what product they are selling, Magma ensures our customers’ efficiency at every step of the business process.

Int Circle

Magma supports a range of data formats, ranging from traditional flat-file interfaces and spreadsheets to webservice API and EDI technology. configured to support. Designed to be lightweight, Magma fits into your existing architecture seamlessly so that when configured and running, there is little interaction needed – you can be confident that the processes are running in the background and your business can operate efficiently. Magma can run multiple simultaneous “threads” of integration with each one configured to execute at timed intervals or in response to an external action or trigger; supporting an omni-channel operation.



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