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How Mysoft Have Adapted During a Global Pandemic

Given last week’s announcement from the UK government, with regards to the ongoing efforts to contain and manage the COVID-19 pandemic while balancing economic re-opening of the country, Mysoft have been considering the impact of this pandemic on the operations of our business and the business of our customers.

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Mysoft has a diverse portfolio of customers operating in a variety of business sectors from tourism to pharmaceuticals, service to manufacturing, and as such has been exposed to the varying impacts of the pandemic.  Beyond the overarching business climate and macro-economic pressures on these businesses, there are also other factor. These include how well equipped they were for working remotely (laptops, infrastructure, etc.), how their suppliers reacted and adapted (such as Mysoft), and their business flexibility to re-focus or re-establish supply chains and business operations.

Over the preceding weeks to this latest announcement, Mysoft has shifted to a complete remote delivery model. We are proving all support and services on a remote basis. We have been utilising teleconferencing technology to run workshops and scoping sessions, delivering upgrades, new projects and bespoke customisation, and providing training.  There have been the self-evident challenges of body language, non-verbal communication and technology (contention, latency, etc) which all businesses and individuals have encountered over recent weeks. However, this switch has been a resounding success.

There is now an outline of a timeline for the reduction of social controls around COVID-19 which clearly shows an extended process of physical distancing between individuals. This will continue to impact businesses (like our customers) over the coming months. Which leads us to the question,  “With regards to ERP systems, what can and cannot be achieved remotely?”.

In subsequent articles on this topic we will look at the adaptations to the standard process of selecting an ERP system or delivery partner in the current circumstances. We will cover the optimisation of professional service delivery and the impacts this will have on businesses as we progress out of the current phase of these control measures.

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