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Marc Dennis Joins Mysoft

Mysoft is very pleased to announce that Marc Dennis has joined the development team, bringing with him years of far-reaching Sage X3 experience.

Marc began working with X3 back when it was still owned by Adonix and has played a vital role in introducing Sage X3 to the wider world.

Marc’s career has always been heavily focussed on software development, making him a very valued and experienced member of the Mysoft team.

Sage X3 Experience

Marc has been heavily involved with the development of X3 since 2001, before it was taken over by Sage in 2005. During the early years he also worked closely with Chris Schafer, Brendan Kirby, and David Frith, among other Sage X3 legends.

Marc specialises in bespoke development of Sage X3. He is also a bit of a whizz in the training of web services and development arts. A key part of Marc’s Sage X3 career has been focussed on educating the surrounding Sage environment, as well as providing a helping hand on international Sage X3 projects. His work with Sage X3 has taken him all over the world including France, Germany, Poland, Russia, South Africa, and of course, the UK.

We asked Marc what he liked most about Sage X3 as a solution: “X3 is a complex and, in turn, very flexible solution in what it can do. By and large, Sage X3 can cope with almost every situation a customer is likely to come across.”

A highlight for Marc has been his ability to help people from around the globe in the Sage X3 technical environment. Over the years he has passed on his knowledge, helping to achieve the impressive Sage X3 solution we know today.

Why Join Mysoft?

In previous roles and projects, Marc has worked closely with many of the Mysoft team members. In the past, David Frith and Marc have capitalised on their extensive Sage X3 knowledge, bounced ideas off one another, and created the perfect solution for a number of customers.

Marc comments, “Having worked with a large number of the team, I know the background of the company and I feel that the ethos of Mysoft fits well with my own.”

It’s Not All Hard Work

When Marc isn’t hard at work, he can be found volunteering at the Mid Hants Railway helping to maintain and install the signalling for a fleet of steam locomotives. The railway runs the full 10 miles between the market towns of Alresford and Alton, preserving an important piece of 1940’s – 70’s railway heritage.

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