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Meet The Team: Paul Mincer

We wanted to find out more about Paul so we asked him some questions about his career and life outside of work…

About Paul

Paul joined the Sales Department at Mysoft in 2016. He was looking for an opportunity to get into ERP Pre-Sales and had come across Mysoft while working at his last company. He then met Chris and Brendan and found that the more he heard about Mysoft and X3, the more he felt his personality would be a good fit for Mysoft. Paul’s role at Mysoft is Pre-Sales Consultant. He has worked in systems for nearly all his career, and spent 22 years providing support, training and consultancy to advertising agencies.

Paul says that he did not have much experience in a manufacturing or distribution environment before he came here, so he finds this fascinating. He enjoys talking to new prospects and is interested in discovering the ways in which companies in different industries operate and seeing how Sage X3 can work for them. Paul gets a buzz from knowing he has done the best that he can, that he’s prepped well for a meeting or a demo and if the customer gives out a good vibe. Paul’s least favourite thing about his job is the M25 on a Monday morning but winning a deal makes all the travelling worthwhile!

Outside of Work

In his personal time, Paul is happiest around his family, especially when they are all around for the holidays or Christmas. Paul loves football and has been a Crystal Palace fan for over 40 years, even though they aren’t very good, so when they win it’s a revelation! He likes listening to music, flicking between Radio X and Absolute while he’s in the car.

Paul recently went to see the Foo Fighters and thought they were brilliant, but he doesn’t “get” rap, grime and techno- he thinks it must be his age! If he had more time, Paul would like to go out more, but he also likes going to the gym and reading. Paul used to play golf and wants to get back into it even though he wasn’t particularly good; he says he’s a “Happy Hacker” and feels he has unfinished business with his golf clubs!

Paul likes most food as long as it’s not anchovies, capers and peanut butter, but would choose a steak, chips, salad and a nice red as his favourite meal. Along with all the Star Wars movies, Paul’s favourite movie is a toss up between ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ and ‘Groundhog Day’.

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