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Sage Win Awards

Last month Techradar gave their readers a chance to cast their vote to help them narrow down the extensive longlists of the best B2B tech and accessories for the TechRadar Pro Best for Business Awards 2019.


On the 11 September 2019, Sage announced that they had won 2 awards from TechRadar for their business cloud software in the 2019 Best for Business Awards: Best Business Software-as-a-Service.


Sage Business Cloud People was awarded Best HR Solution and Sage Business Cloud Accounting was awarded Best Accounting Solution.


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Sage Business Cloud People is an end-to-end HR solution that provides human resources team visibility of their global workforce while also automating administrative tasks. TechRadar point out the broad nature of the features available such as core HR, talent management, workforce management and a self-service portal making it a versatile bit of software. TechRadar say they like the fact this piece of software uses Salesforce technology and highlight that it is an easy step up for those that have used Salesforce previously.

TechRadar’s verdict on Sage Business Cloud Accounting is that it is capable of taming the challenges of bookkeeping with a cloud-based approach. TechRadar comment on the advantages of integration with Microsoft’s Office 365 and accountant remote access. They say that they are impressed at the feature set and its capability to create sales invoice, connect to your bank, and track what you are owed. This frees small business man-hours to shift focus to making money rather than becoming snowed under with piles of unpaid invoices.

Sage X3 falls under the Sage Business Cloud umbrella as it is available on cloud-based subscription. Sage X3 will allow a company to gain an advanced business management solution, streamlined business processes and detailed insights on company wide data. The savings that are made with Sage X3 will enable business growth, allow more intelligent financial decisions and enable more time to invest in more productive activities.

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