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The Great Mysoft Virtual Bake-Off

On your marks, get set, BAKE!

As always, The Great Mysoft Virtual Bake-Off was set to be a competitive occasion, even with the unusual circumstances.

Due to the difficulties of attaining exactly the right ingredients at the moment, this was no traditional bake off. Participants were given the theme of ‘Anything You Would Find at a Picnic’ which was considerably broader than previous bake-off themes. Being a virtual competition, entries were to be photographed and then judged on the following:

  • General Appearance & Precision
  • Originality/Creativity – have you thought outside the box or perhaps made a picnic staple, but taken it up a notch with extra ingredients?
  • Decoration – have you gone to extra efforts to decorate?
  • Top Entry – which entry would you most like to eat?

In true Mysoft spirit, the team leapt into action to produce some wonderful food. During this uncertain period, it is important that we pull together as a close network, support one another, and remember that there is always something to smile about.

In the same sentiments, and like many other businesses, we have been running a Mysoft quiz every Friday afternoon to boost morale and keep our brains active! It creates a real positive end to what is usually a busy week for all.

The virtual bake-off included some traditional entries – scotch eggs, sausage rolls and quiche…

bake off A

bake off B1

And some a little more unusual – pesto quinoa with a Greek salad, and a selection of ales (Not strictly baking but we allowed it for comedic value!)

bake off C1

bake off D

The team scored each entry and the results were in!





Brendan Kirby

A summer picnic comprised of homemade elderflower cordial, homemade bread, a tomato and buffalo mozzarella platter, and a red onion salad


Amy Paterson

Spiced Hummingbird Cake with zesty orange crean cheese frosting and (mostly) edible flowers for decoration


Lucy Robson

(Previous Bake-Off winner)

A traditional picnic with smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches; roast beef, horseradish and rocket sandwiches; a garnish of asparagus, crisps and sweeties and lashings of Prosecco!
1  bake off G1  bake off H
2  bake off E3  bake off F

It’s clear to see that all of the entries were carefully executed and all tasty in their own way. The top three were deserved winners and the Mysoft Bake-Off wooden spoon trophy will be making it’s way to Brendan when we can resume normality in the office.

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