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Why has Sage X3, formerly Sage Enterprise Management (Sage EM), changed its name? (Again?!)

Yes, you read that right! Sage Enterprise Management is changing its name back to Sage X3.

This may not come as a surprise to some due to the numerous name changes since 2005. However, at Mysoft, this comes as welcome news after some confusion over the preceding change in March 2018.

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Sage have been busy collecting feedback from partners and customers and have concluded that the best, and most useful course of action for the future is to change the solution’s name back to Sage X3. The consumer research data illustrated that the name ‘Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management’ was not reflective of the market or technology segment the product serves so well.

The name change avoids the need to abbreviate to Sage EM, making it simpler and clearer for both customers and partners to use the term Sage X3. At Mysoft we hope that this change will help to strengthen brand recognition among our existing customers and ensure continuity for the future. Sage and partners embrace the change, confident that the name will make it easier to use within go-to-market activity, events and lead generation marketing.

In 2001, Adonix owned the solution which was formerly named as X3. 2005 saw Sage acquire Adonix resulting in a rebrand to Sage ERP X3. Some employees at Mysoft have been working with the solution since it was originally identified in 2001 and subsequently, we are pleased to see the name going back to its roots.

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Mysoft Management Team, many of whom have been working with X3 for over 12 years

Mysoft have been partnered with Sage for the past twelve years and have a wide breadth of knowledge and experience working with the solution. Collectively we have over 100 years of Sage X3 experience and a wealth of expertise in business, finance and IT. Having implemented Sage X3 in a wide variety of vertical markets we can make suggestions, drawn from working examples, of the most effective and productive way to manage your business processes.

Take a look at our Customer Testimonials to find out more.

Sage say that the process of re-branding will be fully complete by October 2019. Moving forward Sage Enterprise Management (Sage EM) will now be referred to as Sage X3 on all Mysoft marketing material and communications.

Apart from referring to the software as Sage X3 now, customers will not need to take any further action to this news. Sage X3 will continue to enable your business to grow, streamlining business processes and detailing insights on company wide data.

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