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Upgrade sage 1000 to Sage x3

Why it’s time to update your software

Outgrown your Sage 1000 Software?

For many businesses Sage 1000 performed exactly the way you wanted it to when you first implemented it in your business; it handled your finances, customers, and supply chain within a simple and easy-to-use solution. However, as your business has grown (and the world has moved on), your business has needed more sophisticated functionality. You have required more intelligent reports on your business data, so, you have added a BI suite like Sage Enterprise Intelligence. You required a more detailed view of your inventory and stock, so, you naturally enhance this with added Sage Inventory Advisor.

It’s inevitable that eventually, a product will run its course, and a number of years ago Line 1000 was “retired” from development and support, and had now been issued with an EOL statement.

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Key challenges for Sage 1000 customers

End of OEM support for hardware

When no longer developed by the author, software will fall off the OEM radar too. SQL and Windows versions move forward and will no longer be compatible with the solution. Meaning re-hosting or disaster recovery becomes challenging or impossible.

No cyber-security fixes

Linked to the above, these systems become more out of date by day and are not “patched up” to deal with the ever-evolving world of cyber-security. Potentially leaving a big hole in your business’ security.

No development

The system is no longer developed or supported by the author – if something goes wrong it won’t be fixed. Also, no new modules will be added by the author or integrated by 3rd parties. It’s a dead-end for the product and could lead your businesses to dead-end processes.

Benefits to upgrading

Sage X3 can offer a more secure, adaptable, and feature-rich software environment, creating a foundation for your business to thrive and innovate. 

Advanced security features

Sage X3 is designed with modern cybersecurity measures, including enhanced encryption, authentication protocols and access controls. Upgrading can help you better protect sensitive business data from cyber threats and unauthorised access.

Customisation and scalability

Sage X3 is a highly flexible solution that can be tailored to fit the demands of your business.  It is also a completely scalable solution that can grow with your company and accelerate your business growth, so you won’t need to upgrade your ERP solution again in five years. 

Long-term support

Sage X3 is Sage’s flagship business management solution and is being constantly invested in and improved on by Sage with no danger of it becoming a legacy product.

Continue your sage journey with Mysoft​

As your partner we focus on helping your company to achieve the hieghest level of efficiency and agility possible. Our extensive and diverse experience in understanding ERP allows your business to unlock its full potential.


Our team combine advanced Sage X3 knowledge with a wealth of real-world business, financial and IT experience. having implemented Sage X3 in a wide variety of vertical markets we can make suggestions drawn from working examples on the most effective and productive ways to manage your business processes.

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Sage 1000 to Sage X3 FAQs

Can I migrate my modification from Sage 1000 to Sage X3?

Typically this isn’t needed, as most modifications are work-arounds for shortfalls in Sage 1000 functionality. Most of these things are tackled via configuration (not customisation) in Sage X3.  However, if need Mysoft can develop bespoke modifications for X3 to meet your needs.

Does Sage X3 have APIs to connect to other systems?

Yes – Sage X3 can interface with other systems in a number of ways, from flat files to web services.

Can I stay with my current Sage partner for Sage X3?

Not all Sage partners provide Sage X3. Mysoft specialise in Sage X3 and have delivered dozens for X3 systems to businesses coming from other Sage products.

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