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Upgrade sage 200 to Sage x3

Why it’s time to update your software

Outgrown your Sage 200 Software?

If you are one of the many customers on Sage 200 then you know what to expect with Sage; reliable, accurate and secure financial management with core operational functionality which supports your business. But did you also know that Sage can also cater for enterprise-level organisations with their flagship business management solution, Sage X3?

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Key challenges for Sage 200 customers

Limited scalability

Sage 200 may have limitations in handling the increased demands of a growing business, potentially hindering your ability to expand and meet higher transaction volumes and larger common data sets (products, suppliers, etc.)

Inefficient processes

Sage 200 does not offer advanced automation tools that can help streamline your business processes, leading to inefficiencies and increased operational costs.

Cost over time

While upgrading your system may have associated costs, staying on Sage 200 could potentially lead to higher costs over time due to inefficiencies, manual work and missed business opportunities.

Benefits to upgrading

In a nutshell, Sage X3 is typically suitable for companies with over 50 employees with more than £10-£15 million turnover. It is highly flexible and configurable so if your business is smaller than this, but has complex requirements and ambitious growth plans, it could still be the right solution for your company.  

  • International Operations:  If your business has grown and expanded internationally, Sage X3 offers the solution for you; a single ERP package providing multi-currency and multi-language as standard. These capabilities are just one of the key reasons that businesses migrate to Sage X3 from other products.
  • Group functionality: The internal integration of data paired with the flexibility offered by Sage X3 means that each entity can be set up in its configuration, but users are still able to view the whole group from a single point of access. Eliminating data variances, facilitating automation and simplifying the user experience. Sage X3 is natively multi-site & multi-entity. 
  • Insights: Through the unified experience of using Sage X3 across multiple parts of the business operation (replacing ad-hoc software), and across entities, your business will gain the advantage of a ‘single version of the truth’ – allowing for meaningful data analysis and business insights.

Continue your sage journey with Mysoft​

As your partner, we focus on helping your company to achieve the highest level of efficiency and agility possible. Our extensive and diverse experience in understanding ERP allows your business to unlock its full potential.

Our team combine advanced Sage X3 knowledge with a wealth of real-world business, financial and IT experience. Having implemented Sage X3 in a wide variety of vertical markets we can make suggestions drawn from working examples on the most effective and productive ways to manage your business processes.

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Sage 200 to Sage X3 FAQs

Does Sage X3 have Warehousing functionality?

Yes. Sage X3 provides extensive functionality to assist with warehouse operations, from stock control to quality and pick-pack-ship processing.  Sage X3 supports handheld devices and barcoding.

Do you have to be “international” to need X3?

Sage X3 is a great fit for businesses which operate internationally, but this isn’t a pre-requisite. If your business is multi-entity and you are looking to bring these companies together into a single integrated solution then X3 might be a good fit for you.

Can I keep my “add-on” products from Sage 200 (warehouse, production, etc.)?

In most cases, this isn’t required. Sage X3 provides more functionality than Sage 200 so we can simplify the “ecosystem” of software.  However, where required there is some overlap in available solutions.  Talk to us to find out more.

What other options are there like Sage 200?

Sage X3 is the top-tier solution from Sage for ERP. If you need multi-legislation functionality with warehousing and manufacturing capabilities then Sage X3 is the solution from Sage you should be considering

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