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2021: The Year of Transformation

After the uncertainty of 2020 there appears to be a much more promising outlook to 2021 once the roll out of the COVID vaccine has been achieved.

At Mysoft we are predicting a year of business transformation.

The combination of economic constraints imposed by COVID and the lack of clarity around BREXIT stifled many businesses in 2020, while also creating vast opportunity for growth, consolidation and transformation in the 2021. We noted a significant shift from physical retail to online retail as a result of ‘lockdowns’, remote working driving automation and collaboration, the pace of business increased with 24/7 emails and ‘Just in Time’ operations becoming more prevalent. 2021 will, hopefully, provide a far more stable base for businesses looking to improve processes, grow and become leaner – and Mysoft looks forward to joining our customers on their journeys. There is no immediate respite from the physical limitations on the COVID lockdowns, but most businesses have now successfully achieved a transition to hybrid-remote working; the year ahead will allow this switch to begin to transform wider business practices too.

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The 1st Jan 2021 appeared with a whisper, BREXIT seeming to have had little significant impact immediately despite many concerns.  Mysoft customers have started to get in touch, now there is a clearer set of changes for businesses, to configure their Sage X3 systems to meet the requirements they have identified.  As every business is different Mysoft cannot be experts in what BREXIT means for your business, but we are experts making ERP systems reflect business need and will be very happy to assist in helping you bring your X3 system in line with the new guidelines.

For those businesses not yet sure of what you need to do there is lots of information available from the Government and the likes of Sage:

Once you understand what BREXIT means for your business Mysoft can help you to configure the system to be compatible with these new requirements. Just get in touch!

2021 will be the Year of the Ox; we are expecting a bullish year ahead with growth, investment, and confidence in the wake of the more turbulent months recently past. We will continue to support our customers in moving their operations to remote, or hybrid-remote, with the operational benefits of a disparate workforce. Mysoft will be focusing on Digital Transformation in all aspects of business, from automating finance to supply-chain enhancements to cloud computing, and we are excited to be sharing the next year with you.

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