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David Frith Joins the Mysoft Team

The Mysoft team are very pleased to announce the latest addition to our Consultancy team; David Frith.


David has extensive experience working with Sage X3, being one of the original Consultants that brought the solution over from France back in 2001, when it was still owned by Adonix.


Sage X3 Experience

David actually started working with what we now know as the Sage X3 team in 1998, when Adonix had purchased a manufacturing solution called Prodstar which later developed to become Sage X3.

David’s breadth of knowledge and experience of Sage X3 is unmatched. He implemented the very first UK X3 solution at a customer site in 2002 and then proceeded to travel the globe, training Sage resellers in how to use and implement the solution for their own customers. David was involved in Sage X3’s product launch in South Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Poland, Russia, and, of course, the UK.

Why Join Mysoft?

After so many years working with the solution we asked David what he likes most about Sage X3, “definitely its flexibility. The core product is written with such huge flexibility built in that it can be tailored to any business requirement. The technology is brilliant, you are able to modify the system without affecting the core and this is why it works so well for distribution and manufacturing companies.”

It’s a huge honour for Mysoft to be able to count David as one of our team members. When asked why he decided to join the Mysoft team David commented, “Mysoft have a team of people I have known and respected for a long time, having worked with some of them on Sage X3 for over 15 years now! I look forward to joining and working within a very knowledgeable and experienced Sage X3 team.”

It’s Not All Hard Work…

When David isn’t busy building a Sage X3 solution to match a business’s exact requirements… He is an avid car enthusiast, owning a 1972 Triumph Stag for which he carefully built his own new engine and is still driving today! He’s also been known to turn his mechanical hand to other vintage cars and even a vintage bus.


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