Sage X3 E-commerce

Unlocking Potential

Sage X3 E-commerce Plugin Summary

Mysoft has developed a sophisticated e-commerce integration for Sage X3. We have worked closely with our partner Netalogue to generate a comprehensive suite of software designed to make e-commerce integration as simple as possible. Although Netalogue are our preferred partner the solution will work with other e-commerce platforms. Both B2B and B2C are supported.

Who Is It For?

Customers who require a real-time e-commerce integration with Sage X3.

What Will You Gain?

Sales Orders are created in real-time, with features to list and update back orders, display outstanding invoices, and provide up-to-date stock availability. It includes live credit checking and credit card processing, with data synchronized via SQL views. Additionally, it offers a multi-language product catalog and guest checkout that creates an account for B2C customers.

Where Will You Find me?

The e-commerce plug-in is a combination of web services, SQL views and Sage X3 functions.

More Detail:

SQL Views

A number of SQL views have been created to easily make the Sage X3 data available to the website.

These include;

  • Products
  • Alternates
  • Customers / Addresses
  • Prices
  • Web Catalogue
  • Attributes


Web Services:

A series of web services are available to perform real time processing between the website and Sage X3.

  • Sales Order Creation/Update/Display
  • List and Update Back Orders
  • Stock Availability
  • Pricing
  • Customer Credit Status
  • Customer Creation/Update
  • List Invoices and Credits
  • Create Payments
  • Sales Return Creation


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