Sage X3 Advanced Telesales

Unlocking Potential

Who is this For?

Businesses that process sales orders over the phone and want to improve their order taking efficiency

What Will You Gain?

Maximised sales opportunities through increased transaction value and order volume

Where Will You Find Me?

Many aspects of this Plugin will appear automatically throughout Sage X3’s sales order process

More Details:

The Advanced Telesales functionality is designed to maximise sales opportunities at every step of the ordering process. The Plugin makes it easier to generate more sales by automatically prompting Sage X3 users when processing orders over the phone.


The Plugin allows easy access to a wide variety of additional Sage X3 functionality from within Sales Order creation. It includes;

  • Cross Sell / Upsell

Cross Sell/Upsell suggests products to the Sage X3 user that are related to the products a customer is purchasing e.g. a memory card to be sold with a digital camera. Rather than having to manually search for this, the user is automatically reminded of a related product, making conversation with the customer seamless and professional, and ultimately generating higher order value.


  • Missed Products / Order History 

When a new order is created from an existing customer, a check for missed products will be made by Sage X3 based on that customer’s order history which can be defined in weekly, monthly or quarterly periods. Subsequently, a screen appears with the product/products and an option to add them to the order. This creates organic sales opportunities during the sales process by ensuring regularly ordered items are never missed.


  • Product Substitutions

Product Substitution is an ideal Plugin for businesses that regularly update their products or have seasonal goods, such as clothes. Out-of-the-box Sage X3 will automatically select the latest version of a product. With Product Substitutions, the user is able to easily browse the chain of supersessions and choose the one that is most suitable for the customers’ needs.


Telesales Supersessions 1


  • Product Alterntives 

This Plugin avoids the user missing out on sales opportunities due to out of stock products. Product Alternatives suggests similar items. If a product is out of stock, Sage X3 will provide a list of alternative products that are available at the given time. This ensures the customer is not lost to other suppliers, and enables your business to utilise its stock to its full potential.


  • Monthly Spend

With Monthly Spend, a new tab in Sales Order Entry enables the user to quickly see a customer’s spending pattern. The data is updated in ‘real time’ to ensure the information is current. It is displayed in an easy to read bar chart whereby the timescale can be altered. This enables a business to identify quirks in the market that they can take advantage of. For example, a tennis ball manufacturer may need to increase their production before Wimbledon commences.


Telesales Monthly Spend 2


  • Additional Fields

To provide more information on a customer, Credit Limit and the Current Balance can be added to the standard Sage X3 sales order fields. This enables the user to understand the current credit situation of a particular customer, preventing a sales order being processed that cannot be fulfilled, hence saving admin time. This functionality can also act as a prompt for the user to remind a customer of overdue payment and/or to trigger a pro-forma process.


The Sales Order Process Plugin has been developed based on common industry challenges, ensuring your team is always prompted with opportunities to increase the order value. This will enable your company to benefit from overall increased profitability.


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