Sage X3 Postcode Address Look-up

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Sage X3 Postcode Address Look-up Plugin Summary

The Postcode Address Look-up plugin has been designed to improve data integrity and customer service within Sage X3 whilst reducing data entry errors. It provides an easy to use postcode and address search facility which has been fully integrated into all Sage X3 address screens.

Who Is It For?

Businesses that regularly input postal addresses into Sage X3 and need to improve their address input accuracy

What Will You Gain?

Reduced data entry errors, save time on manual address input, avoid incorrect deliveries and ensure invoices are sent to the correct address

Where Will You Find me?

Postcode Address Look-Up is available in every screen where an address is required

More Detail:

Human data input is time consuming and can come with data entry errors, resulting in complications further down the line. Postcode Address Look-up provides an easy to use address search facility that removes the risk of manual error and saves time when inputting new customers or suppliers into the system.


The Plugin is displayed in a familiar format, similar to any online shop ordering platform. The user enters the postcode, searches and selects the correct address from the drop-down list options. The fields are automatically populated from a fully maintained global database.


The data is provided via an API to an online database meaning the data is always current. There is a small charge per search for using the service in addition to the cost of the Plugin.


Postcode Address Look-up allows businesses to have a higher level of accuracy in their customer records, reduce admin time on manual data entry and avoid costly operation mistakes.

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