Sage X3 Diary Notes

Unlocking Potential

Who is This For?

Businesses that want to stay on top of credit control and need a way of tracking customer communications

What Will You Gain?

Reduced admin time and improved internal information sharing

Where Will You Find Me?

Diary Notes sits seamlessly within the Customer Screen and via the BP Situation enquiry of Sage X3


More Details:

Diary Notes has been designed to allow users to keep an improved record of communications with customers and efficiently chase late payments. Notes can be added against outstanding invoices and credit notes that belong to a specific customer, which is not available as standard in Sage X3. Users can record customer communications and set follow up actions all within Sage X3. This avoids duplication of workload and ensures your whole department is informed of the latest communications.


The Plugin keeps a record of all notes that have been added against a customer so that a chronological list is available to view by any user in the Customer and BP Situation, therefore, saving time and improving accessibility of information companywide.


Diary Notes can be added via the BP Customer and BP Situations screen, as seen below.


Diary Notes 2


Diary Notes


Often, a trail of communication with a customer is kept in emails or spreadsheets. With Diary Notes’ functionality, there is no need to rely on those in your department keeping up to date with the list of recorded of notes. With this Plugin, a Sage X3 user can allocate a responsibility to another user along with an ‘Action By’ date. This means that a task or a list of tasks that need to be completed on that day will appear in that user’s landing page. This promotes a more proactive work pattern for employees, avoids late payments and keeps the whole team informed at all times.


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