European Process Plant

European Process Plant

Enhancement of EPP's company operations through Mysoft’s Document Management Centre solution

EPP supplies the very best plant and equipment from leading specialist European manufacturers to the United Kingdom and Irish baking and food manufacturing industries. EPP installs as well as maintaining equipment in many of the biggest and most successful baked goods producers.

Established over 40 years ago, EPP has grown steadily and is now based in purpose built premises at Epsom, Surrey.

EPP’s staff members work throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as with manufacturing partners around Europe, including Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands.


EPP supports its customers from detailed specification to final commissioning and on into after sales maintenance and support. The Sales and After Sales team members at EPP have many years of combined experience in the baking and food production industries. 

The unmatched choice of baking and food processing equipment available from EPP, offers customers the best possible solutions, for the production of high quality traditional and speciality products including: bread, morning goods, cake, confectionery, pies, pastry, pizzas, biscuits and desserts.

The Challenge

The business environment at EPP is extremely fast paced and technically involved. The majority of equipment supplied by EPP is bespoke and therefore the after sales service and spare parts support are highly complex.

Previously EPP was raising documentation (quotations, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices and despatch notes) from their spare parts and accounting system. This documentation was produced on pre-printed paper and faxed or posted to the customer. Not only was this process hugely time consuming and costly, but the quality and presentation of the documentation varied, as the printer was becoming outdated.

EPP needed a system which would feed from their existing spare parts and accounting system and afford them the flexibility to address each customer’s specific requirements. In addition, EPP had a particular need to be able to easily search for, and view historic documentation.

The Solution

DMC works alongside EPP’s existing system, allowing the user to raise and retrieve all documentation by Customer or Manufacturer account, as well as by a Manufacturer’s part number. The documents are then printed onto plain white paper using the bespoke overlays, customised by Mysoft for each of EPP’s requirements. DMC then allows the user to email documentation to the customer.

DMC enables EPP to archive their documents by year whilst the search facility provided allows historic documents to be retrieved quickly and efficiently.

The Benefits

Being able to email paperwork directly to the customer saves time and money. Emailing documentation is both ‘customer and ecologically friendly’, as well as being quicker. There are also substantial savings on postage costs.

EPP no longer needs to purchase pre-printed paper, again a cost saving to the company. The documents are printed to a constantly high quality, on a standard colour printer, presenting a professional image. The flexibility of the various overlays used by DMC, gives EPP the added advantage of being able to produce task specific documents. 

Document retrieval with DMC is exceptionally simple, allowing EPP to respond to any customer queries in a timely and professional manner. 

For Catherine Reed, Spare Parts Controller, DMC’s search facility has brought huge business benefits. As most new orders are for bespoke parts, specifically designed for individual customers, ordering the correct item can be complicated. Catherine is now able to immediately search through historical orders by customer account, going back over 7 years. The serial number of each of the customer’s machines can be confirmed and the correct replacement parts ordered – from the customer’s perspective this makes the ordering process very streamlined and straight forward, increasing EPP’s customer satisfaction.


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"DMC’s search facility has brought huge business benefits. I'm now able to immediately search through historical orders by customer account, going back over 7 years. The versatility of the software has totally enhanced Company operations"

Catherine Reed, Spare Parts Controller, EPP