ACO Group - Upgrade

ACO Group - Upgrade

Upgrading from Sage X3 Version 5 to 7

Mysoft receive 11 out of 10 from long standing customer ACO Technologies PLC


The ACO Group are a worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of water drainage systems. They have worked with Mysoft for many years so when they decided that it was time to update their Sage X3 technology, they came straight to Mysoft with the project.

ACO were using Version 5 of Sage X3 but felt that with ‘major business change’ projects in the pipeline they needed to be using more up to date, web based technology. It was decided that the best course of action would be to skip Version 6 and go ahead with upgrading straight to Sage X3 Version 7. In Priyangshu’s own words, “there was no question over a partner to choose for the project, we knew that Mysoft would be the perfect partner. They have taken the time to get to know our business inside out and we have a very good relationship with the whole Mysoft team.”

The Challenge

Upgrading from Version 5 to Version 7 was a technically challenging project to undertake. It needed to cause minimum disruption to day to day business as well as adapt to recent changes in the company’s processes. Mysoft were faced with some very tight timescales and no room for error. All of the ACO users were trained in one and a half months and everyone felt comfortable when it came to the go live date. Version 5 was switched off on Friday evening and by Monday morning the business was up and running on Version 7. Priyangshu comments on the go live experience, “the project went very, very smoothly. It is a testament to how well the project was managed and delivered that we didn’t need to use any of the post go-live support cover that was built into the project. There was no interruption or impact to the day to day running of our business, a key objective for this project.”

Mysoft and ACO

Mysoft and ACO have worked together for many years and have built a strong partnership. “If you asked me to give Mysoft a score out of 10 I would say more than 10! We have a very good relationship with the company, they are absolutely fantastic with the product and always conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism,” Priyangshu continues, “we are always willing to do reference visits for Mysoft as we have had such a good experience of working with them. Mysoft has been involved in some real business change projects within our company and will continue to be involved in future projects. Mysoft know our company so well that we don’t need to rate our support calls with them, they know straightaway if something is business critical for us or not and we are always impressed with Mysoft’s quick turnaround times.”

The ACO group is the worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of water drainage systems, picture above shows one of ACO's products in action. 

There is a synergy between how ACO builds business relationships and how Mysoft treat their customers. Priyangshu explains, “Mysoft approach project’s in a different and refreshing way, they took the time to get to know us as a business and then build the solution from that knowledge, rather than us having to change our business to fit an out of the box system. We like to treat our suppliers more like partners and that is how Mysoft like to work as a company as well. We’ve always felt with Mysoft that we have been working together towards project success as a team, rather than a supplier/ customer relationship.”

ACO and Sage X3 

For ACO, Sage X3 fits the mid-market manufacturing industry perfectly. They have seen considerable return on investment in the following areas:

  • Sales Office – orders are now processed a lot quicker and easier, saving on administrative time and enabling a higher volume of transactions to be processed.
  • EDI Technology – the company is now almost completely paperless, which represents a significant cost saving to the business.
  • Dispatch Process – this has been completely streamlined saving considerable time and will be further enhanced through the use of barcode technology.
  • Finance – financial management has been totally enhanced with the potential for more intelligent features to be added in the future.

Priyangshu summarises his experience of working with Mysoft, “Mysoft have always been way ahead in terms of customer service, they deal with any challenge we throw at them and are a fantastic partner to be working with.”

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