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Pharma Features and Functionality

Implementing an ERP solution is one of the best ways to ensure compliance and meet industry standards in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Through a robust solution, like Sage X3, you gain full control over every minute detail of your product or service. So when it comes to auditing you are equipped with the tools and processes to demonstrate your regulatory compliance with ease. 

By using Sage X3 to manage the entire Pharmaceutical process you set to gain:

  • Confidence of whose done what, when
    • Every action is tracked to a user and time stamped
    • User access control can be set for specific data fields
    • Workflows can be set in order to notify a user of any event or change in the system
  • Complete ingredient and product traceability
    • Trace individual ingredients or allergens through the entire manufacturing process
    • Use lot references to trace batches of components 
  • Ability to recall a product based on individual ingredients, allergen, component or batch
  • Detailed expiry date management
    • Allows the input of re-test dates for expiry stock control purposes
    • Re-allocation of stock to customers based on their set lead times
  • Stock status control
    • Rules exist within the system to specify what status drugs are received in as: typically set as Quality Controlled Managed, with the option available of Technical sheets (a series of on screen checks and questions before stock is received or released to Accepted (A*))
    • A product can have a status of either Rejected (R*) (for example a customer return), Quarantine (Q*), Released or Accepted (A*). Only when stock is released to status Accepted (A*), will the system allow it to be allocated to a Customer Order or a Manufacturing Work Order
    • This is standard functionality in the system, however when paired with the Mysoft Pharmaceutical Pack, you can allow full regulation of stock release down to a specific individual and specific status or sub-status combination
  • Specific storage requirements
    • Can set specific storage conditions through location management (e.g. restricted, locked areas, cold storage locations, sky locations) which are often required by Department of Health or other customers  

The Sage X3 for Pharma Experts

By choosing Mysoft as your Sage X3 partner you will benefit from our Sage X3 Pharmaceutical Pack which has a range of pre-built workflows and processes for pharmaceutical companies. This has been developed through our work with current pharma customers where we found common industry standards and best practises that can be used across the board. We also have extensive experience interfacing seamlessly with other best of breed pharma solutions, such as LIMS systems for drug testing. 

Find out more: 

  • Watch a free demonstration of Sage X3 for the Pharmaceutical industry here
  • Hear why our current customer, Crescent Pharma, chose Mysoft as their Sage X3 partner 
  • See more details on the Mysoft exclusive Sage X3 Pharmaceutical Pack

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